The Innovation Days connect companies with entrepreneur to prototype solutions in 48 hours.

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Why join?

The Innovation Days connect companies and students to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.


Open your innovation process and collaborate with entrepreneurial students to foster innovation that benefits your customers, your organization, and our society.

Identify innovation opportunities

Accelerate innovation

Engage current and future employees

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Join the Innovation Days for experiential learning experiences
that will build your skills that you will need to thrive.

Gain experience

Learn with others

Create opportunities

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Partners & Sponsors

Whether you are looking to support companies in your region to foster innovation, empower young talent to become entrepreneurs or gain branding exposure, Innovation Days gives companies interaction opportunities with unique groups of people.

Connect with entrepreneurs

Showcase your expertise

Demonstrate your leadership

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How it works


Our company partners frame their innovation challenges.


Participants create their ideas in preparation for the event.


Participants pitch ideas, form teams and show their prototype after 48 hours.


The best solutions get company support to move toward proof-of-concept.

In 48 hours from idea to prototype

Participants from different disciplines work together to prototype solutions to companies’ innovation challenges.

Day 1. Pitch & Team Up

Participants pitch ideas to solve innovation challenges to company partners, mentors, and visitors. Teams build around ideas. Each team needs to have managers, designers, and engineers.

Day 2. Prototype & Get Advice

Participants develop prototypes during 48 hours. Mentors and company partners coach teams.

Day 1. Show & Get Support

Participants show solutions during prototype expo. Winning teams receive support to work towards proof-of-concept.

Upcoming Events


June 6-8, 2018

Tyrol organizations challenge you to create ideas and develop solutions to their most pressing challenges.

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August 7-9, 2018

Engineering, design and business students come together to create innovative solutions to digital innovation challenges.

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October 1-3, 2018

Engineering, design and business students come together to create innovative solutions to digital innovation challenges.

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November 21-23, 2018

Engineering, design and business students come together to create innovative solutions to digital innovation challenges.

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✔ Define theme of the Innovation Days
✔ Offer Innovation Days to network of companies
✔ Representatives as jury members and mentors

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Events since 2013. 6 more are planned for 2018.


Companies ranging from regional SMEs to global corporations.


Participants from over 12 Universities.


Prototypes developed. Around 12 turned into pilot projects.

Benefiting companies and participants

Pushing the limits

Its amazing to experience that students with totally different backgrounds can push their limits together. Starting off with a raw idea and being able to push this idea all the way to a working prototype in only 48 hours, is an experience that is not only fun, but also teaches you what it means to actively shape our future.

Ramona Participant ID 2016

The experience as a whole

I would strongly recommend the event to peers, the preparation, the pitch, the team building and the mentors that added value to the working process. The experience as a whole was great.

Vincenz Participant ID 2016

Practical implementation

The Innovation Days 2016 was a great chance to combine practical implementation with subject-specific skills assisted by various academic and expert knowledge.

Marco Participant ID 2016

Surprising results

I joined the prototype expos for three years and I was always impressed with the quality of the solutions. A positive surprise what can result from 48 hours.

Franz Bailom Founder in-manas

New perspectives

The cross-functional teams approached our challenge from a different perspective. Our team was fueled by the energy of the 48 hours.

Reinhard Jennewein CEO Stadtwerke Wörgl