The Innovation Days connect companies with entrepreneur to prototype solutions in 48 hours.

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Innovation Days Berlin

The Innovation Days Berlin bring together organizations and entrepreneurial students to create solutions to challenges in 5 days.  Join us to fuel new ideas and shape new market opportunities.

Why join?

For companies, it’s a a great way to leverage Open Innovation and explore startup-driven innovation. Participants gain experience, learn with others and create career opportunities.



Open your innovation process and collaborate with entrepreneurial students to foster innovation that benefits your customers, your organization, and our society.



Join the Innovation Days for experiential learning experiences that will build your skills that you will need to thrive.

Identify innovation opportunities

Accelerate innovation

Engage current and future employees

Your opportunities

Gain experience

Learn with others

Create opportunities

Your opportunities

How it works


Our company partners frame their innovation challenges.


Participants create their ideas in preparation for the event.


Participants pitch ideas, form teams and show their prototype after 48 hours.


The best solutions get company support to move toward proof-of-concept.


In 5 days from idea to prototype.

DAY 1+2 / Understand & Ideate

Participants pitch ideas company partners, mentors and visitors. Teams form around the ideas. Each team needs to have managers, designers and engineers.

DAY 3+4 / Prototype & Test

Participants develop prototypes. Company partners and mentors coach teams.

DAY 5 / Show

Participants show solutions during prototype expo. Company partners and mentors judge solutions. Winning teams receive collaboration incentive to work towards proof-of-concept.

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August 6

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