Innovation Days Innsbruck

At the Innovation Days, everyone comes together to create something new – no matter if you are an entrepreneurial student, designer, engineer or business leader. The Innovation Days is where you’ll turn ideas into prototypes in 48 hours. We’re in Innsbruck, right where the Innovation Days began.

Before the event

You need to take 3 steps to get ready for the Innovation Days.

1. Understand

Understand the challenges of our company partners and study the context, the company, and their customers.

2. Select

Select your favorite challenge by registering here by May 24. As a participant you have two options: Pitch your own idea or join a team.

3. Introduce

Introduce yourself by presenting your idea (if you’ll pitch) or share an inspiration relevant for the challenge (if you plan to join a team) in a short video in our closed Facebook group by May 24. Teams are formed based on the best ideas, mixing skills and your challenge preference.

During the event

Here’s what happens during the 48 hours.

Day 1: Ideate


16.00 Check-in & networking

17.00 Welcome remarks

17.15 Companies present challenges

17.30 Pitch your idea

19:00 Team up to mix skills while enjoying snacks & drinks

19.30 Register your team

20.00 Refine ideas

Day 2: Prototype


8.30 Morning update

9.00 Validate problem

13.00-15.00 Mentoring sessions

17.30 Update meeting

18.00 Improve prototypes

Day 3: Validate


8.30 Morning update

9.00  Test with target customers

11.00 Mentoring sessions

14.00-16.00 Prototype expo

16.30 Presentation winning solutions

17.00 Wrap up

Open end Discuss implementation

See the full schedule here.

Why join?

As an Innovation Days participant you get the chance to…

collaborate with others on your idea

…receive mentoring by inspirational leaders

…work on real-life problems and  transform your idea into a new venture

…get support from company partners to make your idea happen


Thanks to the Bäckerei Innsbruck for hosting the Innovation Days.

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