Innovation Days San Francisco

The Innovation Days bring together companies, designers, engineers and entrepreneurial students to turn ideas into prototypes within 48 hours.

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Open your innovation process and collaborate with entrepreneurial students to foster innovation that benefits your customers, your organization, and our society.

Identify innovation opportunities

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Engage current and future employees

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Join the Innovation Days for experiential learning experiences that will build your skills that you will need to thrive.

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How it works

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Companies share their innovation challenge. Participants brainstorm ideas.

Timeline for company partners
By Nov 9
Apply as a company partner here

By Dec 14 Confirm company partnership and complete challenge brief

By Jan 14 Create challenge video

Idea to Prototype

Participants pitch ideas and build prototypes. Companies mentor teams and evaluate solutions.

On Apr 11 
 Opening idea pitches

On Apr 12 Mentoring of teams

On Apr 13 Evaluation of prototypes


Companies provide collaboration incentive. Participants get support to implement solution.


Day 1: Ideate

16.00 Check-in & networking

17.00 Welcome remarks

17.15 Companies present challenges

17.30 Pitch your idea

18.30 Team building

19.30 Register your team

20.00 Refine ideas

Day 2: Prototype

8.30 Morning update

9.00 Validate problem

13.00-15.00 Mentoring sessions

18.30 Update meeting

19.00 Improve prototypes

Day 3: Validate

8.30 Morning update

9.00  Test with target customers

11.00 Mentoring sessions

14.00-16.00 Prototype expo

16.30 Presentation winning solutions

17.00 Wrap up

Open end Discuss implementation


Thanks to the Inseec for hosting the Innovation Days.

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